Whether it be a few trees and or shrubs; a perennial flower garden; paving brick sidewalk, patio or driveway; retaining walls and benches; water gardens; landscape lighting; decks, gazebos, trellises or pergolas, Jeff can meet your needs. He uses as many or as few of these landscape features to help the client as they pursue their ”dream landscape”.

An ever increasing part of Hardesty Landscaping is their maintence service. Jeff and is crew can keep your property beautiful by weekly weeding and trimming or mowing. Their goal is to help you keep your landscape investment looking as beautiful as it can be.

  • Retail Sales

    Hardesty Landscaping offers Mulch, Topsoil, Paving Brick, Retaining Wall, and Natural Stone products.

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  • Open Hours

    Monday - Friday, 1:30PM - 5:30PM
    April - July

  • By Appointment

    We are available to load your bulk landscape products during other times of the year by appointment.

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